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Schlafplatz 1
200 cm x 300 cm

Befindet sich vorne über der Fahrerkabine und ist meist über eine Leiter zugänglich. Dieses Bett ist sehr komfortabel und beeinträchtigt den Wohnraum nicht.

Schlafplatz 2
100 cm x 180 cm

Dies sind die Rücksitze, die sich in eine Schlaffläche umklappen lassen. So werden der Wohnraum erhalten und gleichzeitig zwei kompakte Schlafmöglichkeiten geschaffen.


Fahrradträger 2 Sitzplätze
Kühlschrank Gefrierschrank
Geschirrset 3 Personen
Putzgeräte Schwamm, Spülmittel, Toilettenreiniger

Technische Merkmale

Modell: Mitsubishi Delica

Erstzulassung: 2003

Zulässiges Gesamtgewicht: 2.505,0 kg

Anzahl der Sitzplätze: 2

Anzahl der Schlafplätze: 5

Anzahl der Sicherheitsgurte (außer Wohnwagen): 2

Länge: 5,0 m

Frischwasser : 38,0 Liter

Höhe: 2,3 m

Abwasser : nicht angegeben

Breite: 1,7 m

Kraftstoff: Diesel

Zusatzmittel: Kein Zusatzmittel

Getriebe: Handschaltung

Kilometerstand: 200-250.000 km

Fassungsvermögen Reservoir : 50,0 Liter

Kraftstoffverbrauch: Zwischen 10 und 12 l/100km

Konditionen des Vermieters

Von Yescapa verwaltete Kaution (2000€ oder der maximale Betrag der Versicherungsselbstbehalt)

Zusätzliche km: 0,50 £

Rauchen nicht erlaubt


  • Zwischen 25 Jahren und 73 Jahren
  • Führerschein B seit 2 Jahren oder mehr
  • Code DVLA für Halter eines Führerscheins des Vereinigten Königreichs.
  • Alter: Vollendetes Lebensjahr zwischen 25 und 73 (Scan oder Foto deines Identitätsnachweises im Profil hochzuladen)
  • Du bist im Besitz eines gültigen Führerscheins der Kategorie B seit mehr als 2 Jahren (Foto oder Scan deines Führerscheins musst du in deinem Profil hochladen).
  • Für Halter eines Führerscheins aus Großbritannien : Übermittle Yescapa den Code DVLA und akzeptiere, dass Yescapa deine Informationen überprüft.
  • Wenn du nicht berufstätig bist, kann dies zu einem Ausschluss der Versicherung führen.


Die Rückzahlungsbedingungen variieren je nach Datum, zu dem die Reservierung storniert wurde.

Reservierung bestätigt

Innerhalb von 30 Tagen vor Abreisedatum erhalten Sie 70% des Mietpreises zurück, exkl. Versicherungs- und Servicegebühren.

30 Tage vor der Abreise

Weniger als 30 Tage vor Abreise ist keine Rückerstattung möglich, der gesamte Betrag der Transaktion ist fällig.


Flexible Stornierung aufgrund von höherer Gewalt

Wenn du aufgrund von höherer Gewalt nicht reisen kannst, kannst du von unseren speziellen Stornierungsbedingungen profitieren. Diese erlauben es dir, deine Reise kostenlos zu verschieben.
Der Betrag deiner stornierten Reservierung steht als Mietgutschein für eine zukünftige Reservierung desselben Fahrzeugs (oder eines anderen Fahrzeugs desselben Vermieters) zu einem Datum deiner Wahl zur Verfügung.

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57 Bewertungen über Andrew und seine/ihre anderen Fahrzeuge

Mai 2022
Where to start - not sure what I enjoyed best meeting Andrew or his wicked amazing super duper Campervan but coupled together thats what dreams are made of what a treat its great in life when something exceeds expectations so glad we had the opportunity to experience both - Andrew was bubbly n super friendly and really cared that we had a great time hiring his van and that we did thank you so so much for all your care and attention we have a proper crush on both you and the van if you're thinking of renting it don't hesitate just do it!! You wint regret it much love Eve & Nell x

März 2022

I’m speechless. This is the second time we rented a campervan. Thanks to the owner the whole experience of getting it booked was a breeze. Unfortunately due to recent hurricane, our campsite reservation was rescheduled. Speaking to the owner of the campervan, with no issues and full understanding on his side, we managed to reschedule with no extra costs. Thank you so much for this.

First thing that comes to mind is the attention we were getting from people all over the place. Petrol stations, motorways, campsites. By the end of the trip I felt so proud driving this beauty that I genuinely wished it was mine. Well, luckily for you, it’s up for rental.

Initially I was quite sceptic when I heard there is a tent on the roof. I really had no idea how this will work, but honestly, it’s so easy even our son was able to put it on without much guidance. Additionally there is extension available for anyone wishing for more privacy. We didn’t use it this time as we wanted to visit as many places as possible with as little of ‘downtime’.

The inside of the campervan takes me back to some steam-punk stories. Well, maybe not the design itself but the colours. It feels really warm and comfortable. There is plenty usable storage and for longer trips there are decently sized storage compartments at the back. Without any additional stops for food we managed 3 days on the road... all the car needed was diesel.

Needless to say, recent nights have been quite cold. Don’t worry about this, this girl has a diesel heater. Clearly the owner is a geek as you can switch it on and off with a remote attached to the car keys. Also the car leisure batter will recharge itself thanks to roof mounted solar panel.

Speaking about funky stuff. The LED lights inside the campervan are dimmable, so you can easily adjust it to whatever brightness you like. The setting is saved, so the next time you switch them on, it is as you left it.

Another cool thing is the TV. I wish to say more but as a family we had so much fun that we haven’t even used it. Nevertheless, it is a cool thing to have for anyone who wishes to use it during longer rentals.

This is not the end of it. I’m really bad with directions so I had to use my google maps. To my surprise I ran out of my internet allowance but the onboard WI-FI internet was there for the rescue. Yes, there is a built in Wi-Fi internet in the car. Speak to the owner for details. How amazing is that?!

There is so much that can be said and even after all this I feel like I only scratched the surface. No words can do a justice here. I heartfully recommend this campervan.

5 Sterne
4 Sterne
3 Sterne
2 Sterne
1 Stern

Diese Bewertungen sind diejenigen, die zu den anderen Wohnmobil-Anzeigen des Vermieters abgegeben wurden. Dadurch erhältst du zusätzliche Informationen über Andrew.

Januar 2023

We met with Andrew who gave us a thorough induction to our Bongo and then proceeded to travel to the Algarve, Portugal through France and Spain. The Bongo behaved very well as we drove through ice, fog, freezing fog and bright sunshine. During the trip we spoke with Andrew several times about some small queries and he was always helpful.

Dezember 2022

Everything was great, the only reason for a 3 star on the vehicle condition was the fact that there was some form of electrical issue that made the tail lights malfunction, when I changed the fuses for the dashboard and tail lights (the same 15A fuse does both) the electrics instantly fried it. This unfortunately lead to me driving the van for a fair distance in a condition that was not road worthy with no way to fix this myself. 

Aside from that the host was great, the van was nice and did everything we asked of it (aside from have dashboard illumination and tail lights)

The van drives well and was lovely (considering I hate automatics) it's a little fuel thirsty but I'm convinced that's the automatic gear box.

Good little van and fingers crossed the electrical fault gets fixed as I would love to rent it again. 

Oktober 2022
As a more maturer couple our friends thought we were crazy deciding to go off exploring the Scottish islands in September in a campervan - but wow what an adventure we’ve had!!
The beautiful scenery and all our discoveries were  made much more enjoyable knowing we had Deli to rely on all the way!
She drives like a dream and we couldn’t help smiling smuggly as we sailed past the larger motor homes and caravans all along the route 😇
Deli is proudly owned by Andrew and now we know why ! With Andrew on the other end of the phone whenever we needed to check something out it made this initial adventure one we will definitely want to repeat again!!
Thank you Andrew for letting us share  Deli with you for a while - both amazing - and highly recommended to any other new explorers out there !! 

September 2022

From start to finish, Andrew was absolutely amazing. We were warmly greeted and informed of everything we would need to know about the van for our trip. Andrew was available at all times if we had any questions or concerns. The Bongo really made our trip special. My 3 and 5 year old girls kissed her goodbye when we had to leave her. Could not have asked for a better experience. 

August 2022

All good, great communication from Andrew, A++++++



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Über den Vermieter
Hey there - we're Jana and Andrew. Proud parents, growers of inadequate vegetables, and Japanese camper van lovers.

Our passion (for camper vans at least) all began on Andrew's 40th birthday, where we invested in our lovely little Mazda Bongo, who we drove into the Spanish Dessert for a Festival in the middle of nowhere. And so began our #VanLife

We now have three gorgeous Japanese camper van conversions, Deli, Ellie and Bongo (see below). Each has their own unique personality and eccentricities, and we enjoy nothing more than sharing them with our amazing guests so that they too can enjoy the adventures and freedom that come with going off grid.

We do our best to make each rental special, and appreciate that it's often our guest's first time in a camper van, so perform a comprehensive (some might say too comprehensive!) handover prior to every hire to ease any uncertainty.

Life is an open road - we're here to help you enjoy the journey! :)

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