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Oktober 2019

Gerald is a bit more used than he appears on the pictures, but everything works fine.

The handover in Edinburgh went without a hitch. Jody showed us everything and also drove a demonstration lap with us. Gerald runs very reliable. We did not use external power at any time but were still able to charge our smartphones during the whole week. We once forgot to turn off the lights for 2 hours during the day, that we had to bridge the battery. But even that was no problem after we found out how to open the bonnet. Luckyly Jody was reachable at short notice and could tell us the trick (Gerald has special needs ;)). Also it was no problem to return the car 3 hours earlier than planned. Only the cleanliness of Gerald did not appeal to us so much. He was a bit grubby. Which, however, could be quickly removed with surface cleaner.

A special thank you to yescapa, which povided us with great and customerfriendly service.